Everything's Bigger in the US: Appreciating the Size of America

When you finally get to the US you quickly see how proud the Americans are of the size of their country. While other countries are pretty huge as well, the size of America can be hard to take in, so here are some great ideas to give you a different perspective.

Helicopter tours

Helicopter tours can be a great way to appreciate both the finer details of famous skyscapers as well as getting to see the sights of a city from a different angle. The sprawling highways of LA are hard to appreciate when stuck in a car but take on a new beauty when observed from above. Equally many famous skylines may take on a new perspective when view from above.

Try taking a fun helicopter tour over a natural wonders like mountains, national parks and lakes to get a view of the true size and majesty of the wonders you find.

Car road trips

Not only does America have some spectacularly big cities, the entire continent is also surprisingly large. In this day and age of common airplane travel, it can be easy to lose track of just how long distances are. Instead of catching airplanes for each stop in your trip, try hiring a car and drive from point A to point B. You get to admire the beauty of the landscape as well as the variation in landscape across the country from green farmlands to heavy snows and sandy deserts.

Historical walking tour

While America is a relatively young country compared to the European countries, it still has a rich and varied history which has shaped much of this centuries development around the world. Step away from the transport for a while and spend some time on an historical walking tour of the cities you are visiting to a gain an understanding of the richness and depth of history and time in the places you are visiting. Walking tours are a great way to see this fourth dimension, time, as it plays out in the landscape, as well as get great exercise.

When visiting America, taking time to appreciate the bigness of the cities and history can help you to really understand the American culture and let you view your locations from a different angle. Why not get online and find some cool helicopter tours and other tours to help supplement your trip and make it unique?

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